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Greater Grounds

Live and lead courageously!

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Support Group


At Greater Grounds we're committed to you, your vision, and helping you live it out courageously in your family, community, and organization. We believe this grows greater communities, one person at a time! 


We inspire and empower people to live and lead courageously from their true self and purpose within their communities.


We do this by creating relational, interactive, and conversational spaces where people can bring all of themselves, and dive into authenticity and vulnerability, as they explore some of life's biggest questions, like "Who am I?" Why am I here?" and "How can I live out who I truly am and my vision now?" 

Circle E4 Model Proposed-Individual Chan


Through the use of our E4 transformation model, we are able to awaken and empower people to navigate change by encountering situations with no pretense or judgment. This allows people to explore beliefs that may be hindering them, while opening their eyes to new possibilities. This opens the door for innovative and creative ways to engage and express themselves with greater love, hope, and faith.

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