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We partner with people to awaken and empower them to live abundantly by walking in their true identity and purpose within their families, communities, and organizations.




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We envision transformed people being change agents in their families, communities, and organizations, creating a vibrant, innovative, and generative world.




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meet the team




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We offer transformational trainings, courses, services, and resources that focus on the following areas:

  • Who am I? Identity

  • Why am I here? Purpose

  • Developing Your Vision 

  • How do I live this out in Community?

  • Leadership Development

  • Team Building

  • Foundational Wisdom Practices





All are invited to join. This is a place to be known, accepted, and loved.


We encourage you to share all of who you are, in cooperation with all of who others are, so that diversity is cherished and thrives.


We humbly and vulnerably walk alongside others and patiently encourage them to embrace their true self.


We choose to live in a posture of releasing others from our judgments and trusting in God.


We curiously explore and "try on" new ideas and possibilities without judgment.

Meet our team

Elizabeth Dotterer

Why We're Great >


I am passionate about people seeing their connection to each other and how their words and actions have exponential effects in the Kingdom. We all matter and we all have influence.

Why We're Great >

What I am passionate about >

Elizabeth Dotterer

Liz is able to create a space where people can express and explore their thoughts and feelings allowing insights, creativity, and innovation to rise. She has the ability to see the unique qualities, strengths, limitations, and preferences of people. Through her ability to connect seemingly unrelated ideas and events, she can see how people who are different can work together and is able to bring people back to harmonious unity. Liz is a practical and realistic thinker, with an eye for detail. 
Lisa Dolese Mclanahan

What I am passionate about >

I am passionate about people knowing who they are, why they are here, and helping them live it out in community.

Lisa Dolese McClanahan

A natural challenger, coach and facilitator, Lisa has extensive experience helping individuals and organizations discover new ways of thinking, crafting shared visions, and developing strategic plans that utilize the gifts of those within the group. She has worked with non-profits and for-profits, from the board room to leaders to individuals just starting out and is exceptionally skilled at helping clients to see relevant patterns and issues quickly, identifying root causes and co-creating new pathways forward, resulting in greater levels of growth and effectiveness. In addition, she is able to help clients turn thoughts and vision into concrete action while maintaining connectedness and relationships.
Melanie Lloyd

What I am passionate about >

I am passionate about loving people, affirming that they belong, and encouraging them to grow into who God made them to be.

Melanie Lloyd

A strategic thinker, reformer, and connector, Melanie is passionate about cultivating inclusive community that builds up the Body. She thrives in assessing where someone is, listening to understand where they feel called to go, co-creating a plan to get there and walking alongside them through implementation. Whether planning events, crafting effective organizational structures, co-creating processes that support efficiencies and scalable growth, or empowering others to realize their God-given gifts, she is skilled at connecting others to the relationships and resources that support their journey. She is also adept at mediating among teams so that all members better understand the shared vision, one another and themselves. She has successfully collaborated on projects in the for-profit, non-profit and regulatory sectors.
Dañia Heffington
Dania bio image 1.2020.jpg

Why We're Great >

What I am passionate about >

I am passionate about advancing a leadership model that is counter to the standard organizational chart.  One that allows for seamless transitions in skill sets that are needed at different stages in order to accomplish a bigger vision. 

Dañia Heffington

A natural challenger, Dañia is gifted in creating order out of chaos.  She's worked with a number of for-profits and non-profits, helping identify critical pathways forward to achieve the organization's short-term goals while building towards their long-term vision.  She's experienced in facilitating high-level strategic planning sessions through detailed implementation plans that include success metrics.  A particular strength she brings to the team is recognizing underutilized skill sets and/or mismatched skill sets that, when properly positioned and leveraged, create exponential value for the teams with whom she works.
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