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GROWING greater


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All of our services, growth opportunities, and resources empower you to live abundantly by walking in your true self and purpose within your family, community, and organization.

Are you ready to live with greater levels of hope, faith, and love? Are you willing to commit to growing greater?



We walk alongside you using our E4 transformational model exploring core beliefs and their resulting outcomes in a non-judgmental manner. This creates a space where new insights lead to creative and innovative approaches and actions, increasing our ability to live in hope, faith, and love daily, regardless of our circumstances.

We offer a FREE 30 minute exploratory call to see if we can help you live a greater life.

Got questions? You can always email us at 


"Lisa helped me to uncover and live my true self. With her intuitive insights and her understanding of the Enneagram, Lisa helped me peel back some layers that were holding me back. She has an incredible ability to encourage and motivate me to make real changes. I've been able to apply what I've learned in my time with Lisa to grow my relationship with myself, my family, and my career."



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We believe by creating a space where people are free to encounter, explore, engage and express their true selves and new ideas that real and lasting transformation can occur. We've found this best occurs in small groups, which we refer to as circles. Our circles are limited to 12-15 people, to encourage authenticity and vulnerability.

Upcoming Events

  • Practicing Presence
    Wed, Mar 01
    6 Week Online Course
    Mar 01, 6:00 PM – Apr 05, 7:30 PM
    6 Week Online Course
    This Lent instead of giving something up, why not commit to practicing God’s presence in your daily routine and let something truly new take place in your life?




The one constant in life is change. In this FREE resource we provide a way to walk through any change, large or small, in a way that is full of hope, faith, and love. 

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