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Six Week Interactive Course



Our Powerfully Navigating Change Course is a six week interactive course designed to empower your personal leadership and ability to walk through change in a way that is hopeful, life giving and full of trust. Each course is limited to ten participants, to encourage authentic and vulnerable conversations.

Each week you'll receive a video and written materials that will introduce and guide you through a step in our transformational change process. There is also a one hour, live group video call, where we will explore and challenge each other to grow in that week's step and practice what we've learned together.

Week 1 - How Do You Navigate Change?

Week 2 - Encountering Change-Where Am I?

Week 3 - Exploring Options - What Are My Possibilities? Where Could I Be?

Week 4 - Engaging Decisions - What Will I Do? How Will I Do it?

Week 5 - Expressing our Decisions - Declare and Do It!

Week 6 - Powerfully Navigating Change in Your Day to Day Life

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