Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Do you realize the connections between yourself and others? Do you see the impact your decisions have on others and how their decisions impact you? Can you see how far our choices travel, even to those not directly involved? Learn to see how we are all connected as people and take your greater grounds!


=written by Elizabeth Dotterer

There is a connection

Between you and me

Our lives intertwined

Even if we never meet

Every choice that we make

Every word that we speak

Love and hate

Light and dark

Hope and fear

All carried forward

Impacting others

Affecting families

Influencing generations

It starts with the tiny

A kind word or hate speak

A warm hug or cold shoulder

A conversation or argument

A helping hand or put down

The tiny changes things

Both for good and bad

Both for light and darkness

Both for health and sickness

Nothing in a vacuum


Time traveling


There is a connection

Between you and me.

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