Feedback, Don't be Offended. Be Driven!

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

When you get feedback, what's your natural reaction? For most of us, we perceive it as an affirmation that we are "not good enough." But what if we perceived it differently?

I grew up as a competitive swimmer. I knew my coach was all about helping me become the best swimmer I could be, That is until he told me I needed to loose weight. My first response was, "Great, not only am I not good enough. Now I'm fat!" After a few weeks of being offended and feeling horrible about myself, I realized, I was actually delaying my success, by not incorporating his feedback. I remembered, he was my coach and was for me and realized, he was telling me this so that I could reach my goal."

That realization shifted everything. Now, when people give me feedback I view it as they are trying to help me reach my goals and that helps drive my success! Don't be offended. Be driven!

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