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Life in Community is Messy

Community, that space where we try to "commune-in-unity" can be incredibly difficult and definitely messy and yet, when it happens creates a beautiful, thriving, and sustainable movement. What are the elements that make it possible to create a space where we can practice life in community?

First, the recognition and honoring of each of our unique selves. I am me, with all my beautiful qualities and flaws and you are you, with all of your beautiful qualities and flaws. We honor and respect our individuality and uniqueness. You do not have to look like me, sound like me, think like me, or even believe what I believe in. I see in you the spark of the Divine, God, Love, or whatever else you want to call it and hopefully you see the same in me. We choose to see each other's very being, and not allow the superficial externalities to become barriers. Instead, we choose to celebrate the differences.

Secondly, we understand that we each have a unique purpose, some beautiful gift to bring to the table that blesses others and ourselves. We create a space that allows people to experiment and play with their gifts and figure out how to express and use them, individually and collectively.

Thirdly, we give space and time to come together and figure out how our gifts and purposes might fit or work together. We risk and play and experiment in a space free from judgment and condemnation. We practice forgivness and grace and mercy when we step on each other's toes and we jump back in with authenticity and vulnerability because we are committed to being a space where we can create something beautiful out of these messy encounters.

Can this be done? Yes, take a listen and see how learning to commune-in-unity can create a beautiful, thriving, and sustainable movement.

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