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Thank God for Do Overs

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

This art board had multiple layers of paint on it, and it actually was almost finished. After looking at it, I decided that some of the colors were too dark. I tried to lighten them with some white paint, but didn't want to lose the marks on top, and so it just became a hot mess. Sometimes it's just better to slap some gesso* on it and begin again.

Life can be like that. We go along, we make wrong choices, and life becomes messy. We try in our own might to fix it, but we just pile crud on top, try to hang on to things we should release, and make things messier. .While an art board can only handle so many layers and do overs, God offers us infinite do overs. We always have a clean slate. Forgiveness and grace are beautiful things. (Col 1:22)

*gesso: acrylic gesso is usually white and is an acrylic polymer used to prepare a surface for painting. Just like a latex primer readys drywall for painting, gesso readys a surface like wood, paper, and canvas for acrylic paint.


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