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The Best Criticism

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

We have become a culture that loves to criticize. We have whole shows, magazines and personalities whose primary role seems to be devoted to criticizing everything from books and movies to people's decisions and actions. And yes, there is value to having productive, life-giving criticism. But most criticism is not life giving, because it is full of name calling, judgment, shame and condemnation.

What if we practiced "the better?" What if we encountered situations and others with no pretense or judgment and just listened? What if we chose to step into the situation and truly experience it with the other and ask questions to explore and gain insight and understanding into the why, the heart behind their actions? What if we chose to practice engaging with others to make a decision on how WE could best move forward together? And then, what if we choose to express our decision together as one, in unity with others? Perhaps if we each chose to practice the better, we would all step into our greater grounds.

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