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Weed or Flower? Does it Matter?

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

I was out enjoying a walk around my neighborhood the other day and came across these beauties. I found myself wondering, "Is this beautiful plant a weed or a flower. Then I found myself wondering, "Why does it matter if it's a weed or a flower?" "Isn't it just as beautiful either way?"

The truth is, it is just as beautiful either way, regardless of how I label it, but how I choose to label it will color how I see it and my actions. If it's a weed, that's "bad." It's something to be pulled up and discarded. If it's a flower, that's "good" and it's something to be nurtured and cultivated. In our humanness, we want to label things. This is good. That is bad. This is right. That is wrong. The truth is when we look at life through this lense of "good or evil" we are immediately opening the door to speaking death..

Let's be people who are willing to lose our lense of "good or evil" which leads to death and become people who truly seek the way, the truth and the life in the people and things around us and call it out!

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