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You Are What You Believe You Are

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

I love King Solomon! When God appeared before him and asked what he wanted, Solomon’s response was wisdom and knowledge to lead God’s people. A brilliant request if you’re their king! Solomon stated, "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he." What a powerful thought! Bottom line, what you choose to believe or think about yourself, will define who you are, your identity.

How does this happen? Well, our beliefs color how we perceive the world, others and ourselves. Those perceptions lead to our thoughts on the matter. Thoughts stir certain emotions in us, which lead to words being voiced. We then most often support our words through our actions. Our actions start to form certain behaviors in us. Those behaviors repeated over time become a habit. Habits repeated over time become woven into us and become a characteristic. Characteristics soon evolve into an attribute, a feature that is inherently part of us, which leads to defining who we are, our identity. This process is constantly going on in us as we move through our day and interactions with different people and different circumstances, all the while forming who we are, our identity. Solomon was right. You are what you believe you are!

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