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Old Book


The Power and Source of Transformation

We acknowledge the renewing of our mind, body, and spirit is done through the power of God in each of our lives, regardless of an individual’s background and beliefs. Jesus Christ is the source of all transformation, made possible through His life and His Spirit at work in and through each of us and all things. 


At Greater Grounds, we come from various  traditions and backgrounds, but we all join in proclaiming the supremacy of Love and are committed to practicing love of God, ourselves, others, and all of Creation. We are powerfully drawn to the teachings of Jesus and even more so to his life. We are experimenting, and failing, and building a space where all can practice following his Way. We are hoping, trusting and even doubting that it might seed something beautiful in the world, mainly, full and abundant life for all of Creation. Our coaching and workshops are rooted in this hope and trust.

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